Study Group with Dad.

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Hey guys,

I said I was going to try more. Meaning I am going to try & be as independent as possible. While also trying not to blame everyone for everything. I tend to lose sense of reality when over stressed & Dad is about to learn why. I am also going to learn something about him…

Dad is reviewing

Dear Dad, I spent the entire time I was homeless in Sensory Overload. I was screamed at, suffocated by a mask and abused by Homeless shelter staff in Kingston Ontario. This is no joke. Covid19 has meant the suspension of Accessibility rights & I was as shocked as maybe you are.

I am reviewing

The Autistic Art Teacher kid of an Engineer is supposed to review a bit of engineering. Before ultimately deciding on a preference for the Arts.

Why bottle blondes are insane?

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I have a brain injury problem that causes Autistic Ticks and Seizures. That is why I have always been crazy. I mean think about the implications of opting for the blonde hair color. Especially with blue eyes…. (I have Jewish friends) Yeah we are nuts!

For more on this crap…. Take a look at Blonde Jokes.

I saw Unhinged with my friend Felix on 2020-10-21. Normally other people on the spectrum don’t take you to see such insane movies! I was surprised at this choice. Given that by the end we were both paralyzed in fear. I don’t know why we did this to ourselves… It is just a movie about a rampaging Straight cisgender inferiority complex!


To the Handicapped Community. During Covid19 we’ve been removed…

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The fact of the matter is. I have been removed from family, my relationship and sanity. All as a result of this Covid19 Epidemic. I didn’t want this! This is going to leave hostility as a new permanent family feature in my life.


Life in Autistic Coronavirus Halfway house…

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Halfway house:

“A center for helping former drug addicts, prisoners, psychiatric patients, or others to adjust to life in general society.” Google

I fall under more of the “Psychiatric patient” variety. Although not by necessity… I am going to start giving myself permission to subtract my own emotional burdens. I tried working during the Pandemic, but I hit my head & had to manage seizures.

I tried to re-house for a few months after the Pandemic. I am still having mobility issues & coping with Autism + Concussion. Sometimes my Concussions cause Traumatic spells partially related to hypnosis & partially related to traumas. However, the answer is not throwing me in to Social Isolation. I am not blaming myself for this.

I need to start placing blame where it actually goes. Stop taking all the responsibility for everything. I didn’t give myself sexual trauma, my second cousin/ex Step brother did. I didn’t give myself my initial head trauma… Dad did that. That is the proper way to emotionally release this.

I am not a violent psychotic. I have had some weird family therapies & an unfortunate break up. I need to call that what it is… Kaylib Drury thought I was dying. Like a dying dog he threw me out so I could do it somewhere quietly. I tried to die in Amherstview Kaylib Drury.

I was trying to get to the love of my life… Then ask why he broke my heart? I got the damages to prove it… “Love spells must be real because I am still under Kaylib’s.”

I also collapsed on the ground & had a Seizure near Amherst Island. It was a beautiful hike though…

Well if you stopped following my channels you missed a very real Autistic suicide attempt during Covid19. It is okay though… I was made to self-destruct. I am an autistic person doing Emotional release therapies. I now have emotional repression seizures.


25 Steps to creative writing.

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I just recently found history knocking at my door & recognizing my genius. I now have to rise to the challenge as a writer & put down my autobiography to potentially teach someone more important how to write their own. I am Ashton Deroy, I am 27 and I recently declared my Psychotic disorder. As of recent I have decided to talk about the unannounced Simple servant Genius in Quinte West.

I have to write down 25 creative writing tips for an autobiography.

  1. Connect to your subconscious mind. Transcend in to the mental & Physical realm. Sometimes I also like to get stoned. I treat Autism Seizures.
  2. Decide what you believe in.
  3. What are you trying to say about yourself?
  4. What is your brand?
  5. Align your inner self with your outer self.
  6. Abandon reckless behaviours
  7. Ask your therapist for help.
  8. Talk to a Publicist.
  9. Find a TV show to refer to that has some of your inner truth. My truths were found in Ghost Whisperer.
  10. Ask yourself simple reasonable questions.
  11. Sometimes accept the middle ground as reality. Especially in arguments you haven’t settled.
  12. Don’t abandon yourself to destructive writing patterns.
  13. Use your mind gym to find positive visualization techniques.
  14. Know your rights as a writer
  15. Ask for help with Communication Skills ask Ashtonderoy@gmail.com .
  16. Purchase a copyright by submitting art work and a domain name.
  17. Listen to your gut
  18. Register threats to information being challenged.
  19. Be confident and calm
  20. Work through all anger in a healthy way.
  21. Make a mind gym. I encourage use of Audible.
  22. Keep a healthy self
  23. Get a trusted advisor. I used my Autistic Friend Diana Skye
  24. Check out the Silva mind control method.
  25. Write our challenge in words when you hit a word block.


Deroy, Ashton Joseph. “The Way of the Seal.” Audible, 19 June 2018, www.audible.ca/webplayer?asin=B07DKGPX9K&contentDeliveryType=Unknown&usePlayQueue=false&ref_=a_libraryItem_cloudplayer_B07DKGPX9K&cloudPlayerStartLoadTime=1601672412702.


Dear Family, I know I have Autism + Psychosis but hear me out. #MeToo

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This blog article highlights why you don’t ignore Special Ed Autistic people.

  1. Dear Family … Kyle is in trouble again!

2. Dear Family the Psychologist I am dating is nuts. I also don’t think he knows Wiccan means passionate Environmental Feminist & student of the arts.

3. Dear family I went through something so intense. I take Estrogen and marijuana to manage the resulting trauma from 2011.

4. Dear Family I was Queer bashed from 2007-2011 in High School.

5. Dear family was Queer bashed by religious relatives growing up.

6. Dear family I have never identified as man or woman.

7. Dear Family I see Dead people.

8. Dear Family if you make me homeless I will go to the worst shelter! I have C-PTSD.

9. Dear Family please help Kaylib. Taking care of my brain injury alone is too much pressure for one person to manage.

Dear Family on June 7th 2020 during the Corona Virus pandemic I had a workplace injury. I have to leak my secrets.


Economics of a Green New Deal

GDP = C + I + G (X-M)

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Kaylib Drury to people
Sorry, we are done. Not sorry I was with you… </3 End of relationship. Loading… Trying to get over my first real love. 


LGBT problems and Special Ed autistic gaslighting at home.

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Okay so guess who was empowered by me seeking mental health treatment when I explicitly didn’t ask for it? It was not me the sexual assault victim who bravely moved on. It was not me the victim of amnesia who can’t count on their family. It was my ex, it was my family and it was my old job.

In this essay I am going to outline the stuff I don’t want to talk about on a usual basis. This way people can understand that mental health is not a 1 size fits all solution. In fact if you look in to my record at Quinte Health where I see a counsellor usually, it actually wasn’t supposed to be the solution at all. Why wasn’t this the solution?


Self-Esteem Questionaire:

  1. Do you like yourself as you are? No, what has given me the reason to like myself as I am? The fact that I am smart. Yet my Dad still agreed to have me verify my sexual assault in his separation. The fact that every boyfriend I have ever had has taken control or insulted my mental health. Yet I just keep hoping to fall in love. Yep I am the damaged one. Barely functioning 5 ft 9 rape victim Ashton Deroy takes the blame again. I might of scared people including family & even Kaylib Drury. I will take full blame for that. Do they take full blame for what they do? The fact that there is no Multiculturalism in our family so I am sad. The fact that I am a target for argumentation and debate. Or the fact that I require help from family that I do not receive.
  2. Should people be relatively grateful to have me in their lives? This is what makes mental health such a dumb and worthless occupational field. People either demonstrate they appreciate having you around. Or they do what Liam Hennessy did the entire time I dated him and gaslight me, calling me crazy and screwed up! I was actually approached by Liam Hennessy and asked to charge a person he claimed sexually assaulted him. Even though I never had that same experience.
  3. This is me yesterday lost in my own mind and struggling to get family help in the rain.
  4. If I didn’t know me? I’d think I was okay. No I wouldn’t think I am okay. I am a gay bash victim, a victim of mental manipulations and a rape victim. If I didn’t know me… I would see me behaving how I do and according to popular opinions. I would think I was and I quote “Still fucked up!” Liam Hennessy in regards to special needs people. (By the way I have never called Liam Hennessy out for abusing me. The rush is exhilarating!”)
  5. Growing up was I given the feeling that I properly deserve to exist? Does your Step brother Shane Fraiser repeating the phrases “Sped!” , “Retard.” & “Kill yourself” count? Sarcasm (Entertainment for stupid people) >> If so I was totally given the right to exist.

Meryam Haddad Sustainability Girl

The only idea I would agree to traumatic anxiety wise. After gay bash, after rape and after manipulative torture. I need hugs but they aren’t going to be found anymore because Kaylib Drury left and he was the only person I wanted them from. I need to enjoy cake with my friends… Even though I have brutally transitioned by routine so many times I don’t know who they are anymore. I want to enjoy arts & culture with Ashley…  I don’t believe in a better future because I have never been shown properly the possibility of one.  The proof is in how I got mental help. I was dumped and had all my stuff moved to the Napanee Police. I had seizures in the rain yesterday and still wanted to talk to Kaylib Drury because I missed him.

I get my passive aggressiveness tested even though I said not to because if aggressiveness is triggered I won’t be able to stop it. So I try to be passive and nice hoping that someone will take that for what it is. The fact that I want to learn, love & be cared for. However, I keep getting told somehow… Some way!!! The answer is going to be in seeking psychological help. I am happy to be where I am because I no longer trust the people I am supposed to love.

I have no culture anymore… I have no home… I have no lighter… I have no weed… Why do you think I would choose this help willingly? I have nothing to go back to when I am done. Furthermore I am of the opinion that ODSP is a crutch for families who don’t want to better their financial wellbeing and force independence on self-identified interdependent autistic people with poor self-regulation. This isn’t the help I need. It is the help being forced on me. That is what my mental health professionals told me a long time ago when I self-submitted complex trauma . The End! Fuck everyone, at the end of this stay I am not going back to family, love or career. I am leaving…. 





Why you can’t use God Complex in every argument? Special Education Aware.

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Dear Kimberly.

I shouldn’t have to say what I am saying. I shouldn’t have to declare what I do. A family in Quinte West Ontario Canada with people named Mary McGraw, Nicole Hill & Melissa Fraiser shouldn’t be practicing Eugenics. Arranging for the molestation and abuse of children to make them able to claim ODSP. Oh so are family is using an abusive neglect culture to screw people up and give them God Complexes! Yay! 

This time I am not intending for the use of Conspiracy Theory because it is not one. This is Autism Unfiltered, unchained, and 0 people around me speaking. Why is everyone so depressed? It is the simple psychological issue of being poorly treated and lying to each other for the purposes of manipulation.

Autism Aware Ashton Deroy Quinte West

So no I won’t be retracting these statements. They stay up. They stay up with the suffering and the pain of the worker. They stay up because I am a Socialist True believer who was given the impossible task of helping their mother. They stay up because I accept my new family culture. They stay up because I am breaking the mold that made me if that is what it is.

If my Mom asks me to choose between Nicole Hill & Mary McGraw or my new Mormon family. I think you know I am choosing the people with the boring moral back story. I think you know why. I want to be a pot-smoking artist with a teacher as a grandma. Not someone in a family without boundaries.


Ashton Deroy – Not screwed up. I am in fact the opposite with the condition of no empathy. #SpecialEducationAware #ProudToHaveMormonRelatives 


S&P Data don’t move a muscle. I declare Moral authority against you.

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Autistic call center worker

Dear S&P Data,

I don’t care if gay pride is in your logo. It isn’t about that. Workers want control back from the client. If they don’t get it. This is a stick up the client’s ass! 

You can kiss my fucking ass!





About Mohawk Medibles Fentynal rumor

Checkout her platform below. This is my first candidate choice in a party leadership race! 🙂


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To buy this website call 6138881958 and we can discuss options for a Premium WordPress site and web design service. 

I still trust Mohawk Medibles with my life! 

Ashton Deroy runs to Mohawk Medibles


Research Medical Marijuana


I am Ashton Deroy, on the record, I attempted suicide at the following jobs!

Work to death Suicide

Introduction: We need workplace reform in Greater Napanee, Quinte West & Belleville Ontario. It isn’t a vote on matter, it isn’t a individual to company matter. It plainly is a moral dictation coming to be that companies are going to have to offer a higher standard of fairness for the workers. This isn’t a choice… It isn’t like “First three months, we can treat you however you want!” No…. You will lose your building and your lives with that logic. We are talking Green Socialism, we are talking global warming and finally it just doesn’t matter. The state of things as is bares no moral value Period…. We will expand on this over the next week.


Socialism In Quinte West, Belleville Ontario & Kingston Ontario. Who are our targets for protest?

Disclaimer I have autism+ concussion so screw what anyone thinks of this and screw any legal claims! I will have them dismissed on my most recent suicide attempt. I AM GOD! Take this as fact/fiction/fact/fiction/fact/fiction ! Oh, it doesn’t matter….. It is unfiltered free speech from insanity! 

Introduction: Capitalism has honestly gone on long enough. It is time for a Green Democratic Socialist movement to consume all areas of our life. I am saying this as a Mystical Socialist Dictator who is tired of the status quo! All the Businesses will be destroyed and the elite will pay with their LIVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS & THEIR BRANDS!!! 

Affirmative action “in Quinte West will be the F*** you movement in regards to the capitalists of Telecom.”



Cyber Security Target list:

  1. S&P Data Quinte West Ontario – Harassing calls from a call center in Canada and protects Wal-Mart in Canada. They also are a pathetic employer that needs to GO DOWN!!!!!!!!!! YOU ABUSE YOUR WORKERS AND YOU DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED!  “
    “The worst place to work with and hopeless for your effort that what you put on the workplace and you may except the termination any time from them without proper pls don’t waste your time and ruin life with them.” Anton Emmanuel
  2. Team HGS Belleville Ontario – Deserves to be shut down with Workers’ protests and completely disrupted day today. If they try to leave Belleville Ontario we should make sure it isn’t a safe transition because how they have treated us is disgusting and tyrannical! “Go to school get a real career!” Mario Villano
  3. Giant TigerAccessibility Giant Tiger

4. StarTek Kingston

“5 years later. I still am angry with this company. You still chew people up like your personal bubble gum & spit them out. How dare you? How dare you demand so much of people’s lives. How dare you pay under the living wage! How dare you think you can hire my friends & mistreat them to!” Ashton Deroy

We demand real change! We demand workplace reform. This has been a gun people have been waiting for me to fire again for a long time! Well, I am firing the gun and declaring myself God!



The Vegan vs The Transgender inspiration.


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If you are LGBT+ in Greater Napanee. You are not alone. I am Ashton Deroy. I am the Autistic Ostrich. https://www.greaternapanee.com/en/your-town-hall/candidate-information.aspx#

I am Ashton Deroy, I do Data Security Web Design. Let’s connect soon 🙂




The debut of ASMR Ostrich


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Wal-Mart Napanee Human Rights Complaint Research.

“This moment in history with indigenous female genocide and a dying free expression calls for De-colonization.”


An affidavit is to be submitted signed and dated in the future, The share cost is $5 per share. A survey from receipt submitted anonymous employee testament. Disclosed this to Assistant Manager Steve 11:31 A.M. 2020-07-23. Research being compiled for purposes of Democratizing the workforce under Socialism which is protected as a Political ideology in Canada. 

Even though it has always been this way. Even though Wal-Mart has an organizational culture. I am about Social Democracy. I am about creating a positive Napanee Ontario culture. That includes free speech and free attire in the workplace. As per free expression laws outlined in our charter of rights and freedoms.

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Suppliers furious at Walmart from randyderoy@hotmail.com . 






Contest, www.KyleDeroy.ca and all my commentary on Kyle Deroy is on the line! $60 worth of domain and logo.

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Dear Readers,

we are doing an Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch contest. The game is to reconnect me and my brother on Animal Crossing. The Winner who gets us in the same town gets his domain and logo worth $60 of service. Details are on the website. 


Legal terms:

  • I reserve the right to decide the winner. 
  • I have set sketchy contest rules. I got a full 5 hours of sleep last night! Yay Giant Tiger! Brought to you by their workplace injury! 
  • I have autism + concussion so I am making up crazy sh**  as I go along, 




About Green in Napanee

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Our recent articles do not touch on the original intention for this Premium WordPress Website. The reason we posted this site was to start on a Green Socialist Revolution related to Autism-Revolution.ca . There are also other issues I need to fix where I am living versus where I’ve been. Then I am also compiling research on a Landscaping web design venture that I will submit financial, marketing and communications details on later. This is just the beginning. Mission, “dawn an era of new Social Responsibility and Sustainability.” 


Walking from Greater Napanee Downtown to Medibles Dispensary. 

Google Maps distance indicator for above link

Copyrighting Giant Tiger Workplace Injury 

Ending the tyranny of the Retail Bourgois. 

Calling out Tim Hortons for Autism Discrimination – ”

I got an OPP escort to the restaurant because this was an emergency!!! Bob made sure to read me the riot act at 1:15p.m. 2020-07-07 while I was having a seizure. He denied me accessibility seating while I waited for my food as a paying Tim Hortons Customer. Bob hates the disabled and this is this restaurant’s first real hate crime against an autistic person with reflex seizures.”

Alright as of late we have had to deal with a spoiled brat and his unchecked anger click to read more below:

Tim Hortons
81 Dundas St E, Napanee, ON Google Reviews: 

Brian Watkins Research Google Review


Enough of the Autism Revolution!

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Written by Ashton Deroy in a Jen Costume.


I demand recognition, obedience and absolute moral authority over my store! This isn’t Tyranny it is a fact of life! Sit down and be trained and then do as I say! I DEMAND IT! If you don’t like it I will call the police and direct you to contact the sharks in Giant Tiger‘s law department! You are emotionally tormenting me and it isn’t fair! I DON’T CARE IF YOU HOLD ME RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CONCUSSION I WILL ARGUE MY VICTIMIZATION AS THE QUEEN!

Location of my Kingdom:



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Funny story: “So like when Kyle was a kid, he used to climb on to roofs of abandoned buildings in Quinte West because he was a bad egg yo. He also used to use Grandma McGraw and Aunt Nicole against our mother. Just because he is an evil bastard who never owns up to it. Also Nicole Hill is a bad influence who married a man who sexually assaulted her children. Peace out girl scout! Also…. Mary McGraw is a bitchy buffalo.… Just saying!”

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Copyright by Moral authority of Ashton Deroy. Buy his name for $40  to Ashtonderoy@gmail.com , All purchases require webmaster approval.

2020-10-27 Psychotic Genius

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I suppose I am not smart enough to fix my own homelessness during a Depression . I am smart enough to realize a Business Diploma can fix mathematic illiteracy.

I am smart enough to fix psychological family problems. I am smart enough to realize I am being manipulated & abused by family again!

I am trying to get to a place where I forgive for my resentments. It is just a lot to ask of someone who didn’t get… Closure for their failed romantic relationship, who got equated to the family problems in Public School & who the said family tried to toss to Grandma again.

You want to copy the strategy you used from when I was 17 years old? I am not tolerating it. You could also recognize autism & Diabetes are disabilities and stop sending me to rely on my mother. Until Kyle DeRoy is ready to reunite Ashton De Roy and Kimberly Hill Richardson. There will be no relationship! Yes it is contingent on Kyle owning up to his stuff.

I have already owned up to my God Complex! Kyle DeRoy has never owned up to being the glue… If he is always too busy being the bigger person in argument. He will always denied us the bigger person in family. He needs to move on. Everyone already knows he ran the households we lived in. I am sorry he had so much pressure growing up! It just happens.

Also Props to Kimberly Hill. I know 1 parent who taught sibling cooperation as a family value. It wasn’t Randy Deroy & Tracy Carpenter… Tracy’s F***tard kids are still fighting their siblings for Tracy’s tit! This is where my family gets confused! Individualism isn’t a value. If either of Tracy’s kid has a chance of leaving their crap behind them in the past. It is Ashley Carpenter. I sound harsh sometimes but I have way more faith in her than her autistic brother who was cultured by the army! Sorry to my family, I think sending psychosocial problems to the Army is stupid and it certainly doesn’t deserve my respect.

Remove hypnotic Suggestions from Ashton Deroy in 5 steps.

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Hypnosis plays out with unauthentic personality, confucianism & psychotic delusions. These hypnotic suggestions are traumatizing and should not be broken alone. They include sexual assault, Traumatic Seizure disorder self-diagnosis & scary realizations of DeRoy family manipulations. From 2020- June 8th to October 11th was the length of the last Hypnotic Psychotic episode.

Dictation from 2020-10-12 , “My Parents Randy & Kim tried to start this up for every relationship I ever had in College. I Ashton De Roy always tried to avoid it. This plain & simple is me avoiding the issues. Why am I not entitled to avoid the issues again? The full spell went through this time. At the expense of my physical health & mental sanity.

This starts up and I am like you ******* are doing it again… You are forcing me to dictate my own Autism declaration. I don’t want to do this! I have a birth defect and you guys used separate abstract therapies…. You have to stop! Or write specific instructions. Well my self-declaration is done now. Queer with an intersex psychotic disorder. Hypnotherapy has to be stopped for me… It should be interrupted for others. It is an excuse for not having healthy conversations. The act could be charged as an act of assault! 😡

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Autism Awareness

Seizure Awareness

Brain Injury Awareness

… … … … … … … … … … … …

Ashton De Roy is a De-Colonized Art Teacher & a Wicca of self-guided practice. Ashton De Roy is a Political & Economics theorist. Not a soldier… Not a person with limitless potential. Rather a person when faced with ambition? Develops existential & social hostility. Ashton De Roy is a firm believer in honesty & the idea the world needs idiots to.

” I will not practice unconsenting hypnosis.” , “I will protect my truths but not your own.” & “I will be irredeemably upset if I come to and I break my own hypnotic spell alone.”

How Autistic Special Needs becomes Rage Addiction?

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This is not a normal Autistic Special Needs Mutation. It just happened to me this way. Psychologically though you might be interested in how my autistic personality mutated in to Special Needs Rage addiction? Everyone around me is making Social normalcy arguments 24/7. Meanwhile I am just sitting here… I am not normal… I have a psychotic disorder… I am just trying not to punch my step sibling Matt for making another gay joke! (Matt Clarke is really intelligent. He lacks social skills from a poor family cultural background… This was pointed out to me At Loyalist College in 2020.)

I am just trying to keep Ashley practicing high self-esteem…. You know she is a good sister? Like an extremely good sister. She helped me improve my grammar while she was dropping out of High School. She is smart, she is just burned out from insecure attachment problems.

I am trying to keep Kyle’s weight up. He has an eating disorder… Hello!?!? I took Advertising in College. Which means, I understand working with models many of whom are queer people. Kyle doesn’t like how we put on weight so he isn’t eating properly.

The role I tried to play?
I just tried to get money & skills so that I could help keep my family a float… Meanwhile I kept having panic attacks & mental breakdowns. I have been worried my family was going to kill one of us for quite some time. This started when they moved Ashley to Brighton Ontario in High School? Not so surprisingly she immediately got depressed. That is exactly what happened to me as well.

Growing up in Brighton?

Growing up in Brighton Ontario is actually not that great. You aren’t cultured to the High School so immediately you won’t be allowed in any social cliques because you didn’t go to elementary school with anyone. You are not a farmer! Your parents aren’t rich. If their mission is to take a frog and put it in to a progressively boiling pot of water that is exactly what my parents do with trying to start you your first year of High School at ENSS. Of course Ashley burned out!

I didn’t burn out because they started me off in the moron Locally developed classes. I completed everything quickly and was constantly bored. This is why I got in to smoking pot in High School. There wasn’t really much for me to do.

If you are going to be an English Major I highly recommend getting high. For my Psychotic brain? I had to be intoxicated just to not get up and chuck a book at someone. I was bombed a lot in English class. Mostly on cold medicine. I got sick a lot… I am a Diabetic Carrier with a Paper route! LOL, It bought my coffees.

Anyways, me and my siblings were brought up in a way that creates lunatics. I am a smart lunatic, but I am a lunatic. Going to school I had to learn to improvise for pissing myself consistently. I wish that was a joke… Even at Seneca. I was not aware I had Autistic Seizures… I only knew to monitor for them in 2018 because they warned me.

Why I wanted to die?

Too much pressure. Not enough enjoyment of life. I am Autistic Special Needs. Yet I was convinced from a young age if I didn’t act like I had it all together that everyone was going to put me in to a group home… That is scary stuff!

Surviving a Parenting cult.

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Vaut-il mieux l’aimer ou non.

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Damages totalled


This is going to sound made up, but the point of surviving Suicidal Psychosis is to put all of the puzzle pieces together for the last time.

Time to talk about what was used to torture me. They are called Moral authority games and they are played by everyone from Parents to Educators.

Everyone wants to know? Is there anything we should know about that Queer Autistic person?

Yes I am Psychotic. That is not a joke.

  1. I was molested by my cousin
  2. I was abused relentlessly by Mother Kimberly Hill Richardson
  3. I was Queer bashed by my Dad over financial math. << Pedophile test, that I deliberately went to Business school to prove against.
  4. I dated a Sex Therapist who deliberately cultured me Autistic and then told me to keep it from my family as health information until I was hurt. Okay, no hesitation! 😀 I know a way out when I see it Chris Rudan.

Hats off to:

  1. Kyle DeRoy for taking the time to Queer label me. This was done for Suicide Prevention.
  2. Alana Marshall for being my best friend through two college programs.
  3. Kaylib Drury for teaching me math.
  4. Legal fundamentals teacher for literally protecting my intelligence through teaching God Complex.

If Randy Deroy and Tracy Carpenter ever have the cops called on them by a sibling. Assume the worst. My birth mother has been moralized by Mormons. Kyle Deroy is suffering with hazardous mental illness. Ashley Carpenter has a psychotic brain injury. This is not a joke. This is a fact.