Jennifer Boutilier

This is my review of my Employee/Old manager Jenifer Boutilier. I say employee because at this time I literally copyrighted her name for the purposes of Autism Revolution.

Let’s review my old boss shall we? This will be part satire and part honesty. Both of which are protected under the fair dealings act. If you are Jenifer or Giant Tiger… Deal with it! 🙂

  1. Communicates Well to her Staff ——– Poor
  2. First Impression ——– Fair
  3. Makes Employees aware of safety measure ——– Poor
  4. Use of Kingston Police ——– Poor (Side note she scared my boyfriend)
  5. Diversity Recognition for the workplace ——– Poor
  6. Handling of Coronavirus in the workplace ——– Poor
  7. Integrity ——– Poor
  8. Ability to communicate through email ——– Fair
  9. Ability to communicate by phone ——– Poor
  10. Personal Hygiene ——– Excellent
  11. Smile ——– Excellent
  12. Dependability ——– Poor
  13. Sense of style ——– Lacks a certain POP!
  14. Ability to lead ——– Poor

Also she is from Belleville Ontario :/ I mean that is depressing. We are both from there.

For questions , please email . Oh she did give me Autism + Concussion through negligence in Tort Law and then failed to notice my injury because she had her head up her own butt. I recommend letting this employee go to Giant Tiger Corporate. She is a liability!


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