Matt Clarke, I am thinking… 1 last tantrum to end them all for me.

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1 last mental breakdown

ashtonderoy #MatthewClarke thank you for another night of #harassment and #triangulation . My #ADHD is triggered but it is okay. For every episode you have… I write a #TellAll you are an #Autistic #Addict . This really isn’t my problem. It is an #OPP problem. #StirlingOntario do something about this #ODSP collecting idiot. He thinks he is untouchable.

This is his tantrum to end all tantrums. I am expecting this to go in any number of ways. When it is all said and done? The website will stay up and I will retain my rights to your name. Kyle Deroy has the option to buy his name back from me. Matt Clarke doesn’t. That is because I don’t like him. I should of punched him in the face a long time ago for making fun of my sexuality, making fun of my disability, and all the racist stupidity he let’s out! “Everyone is entitled to their opinion” Tracy Carpenter. My response, “Shut up, your son is a goof!”

5 thoughts on “Matt Clarke, I am thinking… 1 last tantrum to end them all for me.

  1. To clarify we suspect Matt Clarke did both of these comments however, it is possible Tracy got some balls too. If she did, it did not earn my respect. Do something moral and useful with your time woman!


  2. Piss off and grow up. Stop blaming everyone else in your life for your poor life choices an experiences. Stop harassing people who have clearly rx0resse their desire to be left alone and who did nothing “wrong” to you, incl your birth family. My name is TracyCarpenyer and I amresoectfukky requesting for the gbitd time that you stop contacting me in any form or by any means. Leave me alone. Leave my children alone. Respectfully directed at Ashton
    Deroy. This is the very last time I will be respectful towards you


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