homeless with a psychotic disorder

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“Psychosis is defined as a period of abnormal perceptions (hallucinations) and distortions of reality (delusions)” https://www.spectrumnews.org/opinion/viewpoint/signs-psychosis-people-autism-warrant-serious-concern/

“Research increasingly suggests that psychosis occurs in more than 3 in every 100 autistic people.”

“Hello I am Ashton Deroy and I am not the majority of Autistic people. I have a psychotic disorder!”

Jen is an alter ego interviewer I will use for the purposes of this article.

Jen: What are the Economic challenges right now to homelessness?

Ashton Deroy: Access to affordable housing, fair landlords & people who are okay taking in someone with a disability. Also the Pandemic has created a suspension of accessibility to services within Kingston Ontario.

Jen: What was it like to be homeless and Psychotic?

Ashton Deroy: I struggled to bring in my Social & reality norms on a regular basis. I also found myself living with less & less of my personality.

Jen: Why did you become homeless?

Ashton Deroy: I was injured June 8th at Giant Tiger with a concussion and from there my life just began spiralling out of control. Relationships with my family & ex boyfriend Kaylib Drury just started failing all around me.

Jen: What homeless shelter did you end up in?

Ashton Deroy: 382 Baggot street at a homeless shelter called Artillery park in Kingston Ontario. It is actually usually the Aquatic center. At this time though the use was manipulated for the use of sleeping Crystal meth addicts. Some of the most aggressive people I have ever met in my entire life.

Jen: How did this change your personality?

Ashton Deroy: I started realizing that if I was going to survive that I would have to use my psychotic personality. Something I am not overly fond of doing… I also flaunted my positive relationship to the Kingston Police. While most the other homeless people were taunting the Police? I made friendly chit chat with them and claimed it as a status indicator of my personality. I have never been an advocate for anarchism.

Jen: How do you experience your psychotic disorder?

Ashton Deroy: It relates to my ADHD but that isn’t the full story. I suffer with dark hallucinations. Such as experiencing visions of my dead dog Whiskey. I also have seen visions of people’s deaths and I experience moments of aggression.

Jen: Who has experienced the worst of your psychotic disorder?

Ashton Deroy: Well it has been tough on everyone but I think this has to be a tie between Kyle Deroy and Kaylib Drury. Kyle has experienced aggressive bouts with me. Kaylib Drury got a suicide note from me in August.

Jen: Why does a psychotic disorder keep you from talking about your autism?

Ashton Deroy: Even though the public school system caught this issue first. Then helped me deal with appropriately. A Psychotic disorder is a struggle. Mostly in my family people with mental health issues do not live healthy and involved lives in relationship to the family. Also in spite of requesting no use of mental health interventions my family & ex-boyfriend did it anyways. I mentioned at the time Kaylib Drury called the Police on me he had pretty much triggered my worst fears.

Jen: Lastly, does Marijuana help your psychotic disorder?

Ashton Deroy: I think it does and my brother Kyle Deroy definitely thinks it does. The effects are about making a docile mind out of a manipulative and insidious mind. Even though I have not committed a serious criminal offense to this point. I still worry about the effects of using my full inteligent & aggressive mind on people everyday. I claim an intersex disorder because I use Estrogen to calm the effects of overwhelming testosterone. I also believe on some level I was supposed to be a girl, but I don’t need to transition to be feminine.

I voted Meryam Haddad in the Green Party of Canada. Take a look at this related video by Richard Wolfe.

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