When to De-colonize?

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People often wondered when I would De-colonize my name? I mean this is why I went to the Tim Hortons Camp in Quebec in elementary school after all.

Well the truth is my name was always a source of pride. I mean I am the Autistic kid of an Engineer.

This means that I am a genius. Well the technical term is non-violent psychotic…

“Ma famille me rend dingue.”

Now after being homeless De-Colonizing becomes essential. Now that I have attempted Suicide 2 times without medical assistance in a broken country with an even more broke family…

Now I am ready to officially De-Colonize. From Ashton Deroy to Ashton De Roy… They/them pronouns because I am a Diabetic Carrier with a hormonal intersex disorder. <<< This means I am testosterone crazy.

My Loyalist ancestors likely committed Indigenous genocide. As a result I am choosing to re-embrace my French culture and denounce Nihilism.

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