Surviving a Parenting cult.

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Vaut-il mieux l’aimer ou non.

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Damages totalled

This is going to sound made up, but the point of surviving Suicidal Psychosis is to put all of the puzzle pieces together for the last time.

Time to talk about what was used to torture me. They are called Moral authority games and they are played by everyone from Parents to Educators.

Everyone wants to know? Is there anything we should know about that Queer Autistic person?

Yes I am Psychotic. That is not a joke.

  1. I was molested by my cousin
  2. I was abused relentlessly by Mother Kimberly Hill Richardson
  3. I was Queer bashed by my Dad over financial math. << Pedophile test, that I deliberately went to Business school to prove against.
  4. I dated a Sex Therapist who deliberately cultured me Autistic and then told me to keep it from my family as health information until I was hurt. Okay, no hesitation! 😀 I know a way out when I see it Chris Rudan.

Hats off to:

  1. Kyle DeRoy for taking the time to Queer label me. This was done for Suicide Prevention.
  2. Alana Marshall for being my best friend through two college programs.
  3. Kaylib Drury for teaching me math.
  4. Legal fundamentals teacher for literally protecting my intelligence through teaching God Complex.

If Randy Deroy and Tracy Carpenter ever have the cops called on them by a sibling. Assume the worst. My birth mother has been moralized by Mormons. Kyle Deroy is suffering with hazardous mental illness. Ashley Carpenter has a psychotic brain injury. This is not a joke. This is a fact.

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