Life in Autistic Coronavirus Halfway house…

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Halfway house:

“A center for helping former drug addicts, prisoners, psychiatric patients, or others to adjust to life in general society.” Google

I fall under more of the “Psychiatric patient” variety. Although not by necessity… I am going to start giving myself permission to subtract my own emotional burdens. I tried working during the Pandemic, but I hit my head & had to manage seizures.

I tried to re-house for a few months after the Pandemic. I am still having mobility issues & coping with Autism + Concussion. Sometimes my Concussions cause Traumatic spells partially related to hypnosis & partially related to traumas. However, the answer is not throwing me in to Social Isolation. I am not blaming myself for this.

I need to start placing blame where it actually goes. Stop taking all the responsibility for everything. I didn’t give myself sexual trauma, my second cousin/ex Step brother did. I didn’t give myself my initial head trauma… Dad did that. That is the proper way to emotionally release this.

I am not a violent psychotic. I have had some weird family therapies & an unfortunate break up. I need to call that what it is… Kaylib Drury thought I was dying. Like a dying dog he threw me out so I could do it somewhere quietly. I tried to die in Amherstview Kaylib Drury.

I was trying to get to the love of my life… Then ask why he broke my heart? I got the damages to prove it… “Love spells must be real because I am still under Kaylib’s.”

I also collapsed on the ground & had a Seizure near Amherst Island. It was a beautiful hike though…

Well if you stopped following my channels you missed a very real Autistic suicide attempt during Covid19. It is okay though… I was made to self-destruct. I am an autistic person doing Emotional release therapies. I now have emotional repression seizures.

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