2020-10-27 Psychotic Genius

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I suppose I am not smart enough to fix my own homelessness during a Depression . I am smart enough to realize a Business Diploma can fix mathematic illiteracy.

I am smart enough to fix psychological family problems. I am smart enough to realize I am being manipulated & abused by family again!

I am trying to get to a place where I forgive for my resentments. It is just a lot to ask of someone who didn’t get… Closure for their failed romantic relationship, who got equated to the family problems in Public School & who the said family tried to toss to Grandma again.

You want to copy the strategy you used from when I was 17 years old? I am not tolerating it. You could also recognize autism & Diabetes are disabilities and stop sending me to rely on my mother. Until Kyle DeRoy is ready to reunite Ashton De Roy and Kimberly Hill Richardson. There will be no relationship! Yes it is contingent on Kyle owning up to his stuff.

I have already owned up to my God Complex! Kyle DeRoy has never owned up to being the glue… If he is always too busy being the bigger person in argument. He will always denied us the bigger person in family. He needs to move on. Everyone already knows he ran the households we lived in. I am sorry he had so much pressure growing up! It just happens.

Also Props to Kimberly Hill. I know 1 parent who taught sibling cooperation as a family value. It wasn’t Randy Deroy & Tracy Carpenter… Tracy’s F***tard kids are still fighting their siblings for Tracy’s tit! This is where my family gets confused! Individualism isn’t a value. If either of Tracy’s kid has a chance of leaving their crap behind them in the past. It is Ashley Carpenter. I sound harsh sometimes but I have way more faith in her than her autistic brother who was cultured by the army! Sorry to my family, I think sending psychosocial problems to the Army is stupid and it certainly doesn’t deserve my respect.

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