Manipulation & Social gamesmanship is my only culture.

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There is nothing else here… My parents didn’t select a morality when I was a kid. Just Obsessive Compulsive Abuse on both sides! I was denied conventional Autism therapies in the home (Which automatically makes everywhere I lived abusive.) There is nothing else here!

I annoy people, I play tricks & I create uncomfortable situations!

I chose the image of Kaylib hiding his face because I have to tell him the facts. The facts are Psychology has been explicitly used in my mental health abuse. The fact is you contributed to an unhealthy pattern of cyclical manipulative abuse when you turned to my father. I wasn’t the one who ended my relationship with Kaylib, but if I were to choose something I wouldn’t forgive him for ever. It would be controlling my psychology without permission or what I described to the Police officer as “Rape”. Stop raping personal psychologies Kaylib! It is none of your concern how your boyfriend, mother & etc handle their mental health.

I have a serious problem & a lack of identity. All there is at the end of the day here is… The Addict, A Wiccan & the antagonistic Psychotic. Stop looking for depth. I won’t give you any!

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