Anti-Fascist = Bully & Victim

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Now that I am done with another experiment of getting drunk on equality & blaming my parents for everything. Time to switch to the Anti-Fascist side of my personality as a Wiccan. I am not just a victim nor am I just a bully. I am both. How you can tell my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has been treated? I am a god complex mother F*ckers! There is no cure for me.

Empathy is “empathy as the ability to sense other people’s emotion.” I have it to some degree. To not have empathy is to be a ruthless lunatic. I feel bad about the emotional burden I have put on people.

What keeps me awake at night empathy wise?

  1. Dad & Tracy’s collection of codependent f*cktard kids. Like me to be honest. I am not exempt from blame.
  2. I am kept up by Kaylib Drury thinking I didn’t care about him. I actually did. It isn’t fair to judge someone by their actions fresh after a concussion. However I always cared about Kaylib. I will always care about Kaylib Drury. Hence why I am? Not granting him the right to be forgotten.
  3. Me Monopolizing time, resources and everyone’s truth. Everyone does this. It doesn’t make it any less bad. I just got done a conversation with my old friend Felix. All it was, is us monopolizing each other’s truths until we wore ourselves out. “Felix buddy, you need to leave the Psychology cult!” Socialphobia is a insecure attachment disorder. It plain & simple comes from Disability abuse. Once again your family is hoping the cure comes externally and it never will.

I understand I do bad things to. I understand I am not perfect. I just don’t care! I don’t care if it destroys my relationships. I don’t care if I hurt myself. I don’t care that my emotional instability effects other people. I am not having kids, I am not in a loving relationship & I am not capable of working without supports. The bitterness you are experiencing is normal & to be expected.

“Someone with 0 stakes in the game. Has nothing to lose. Not saying I am invincible. Invincible would be an inaccurate statement to someone obsessed with their own self-destruction.”

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