Parental Report card. F is for go F*ck yourself

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People have wanted to hear me complain about my parents. This is all I have in the tank. I don’t actually care to overly get in to it. How I was high risk for sexual assault? It happened with my Second Cousin/Step Brother. How I was considered high risk for abuse because of Mom’s Economic struggle & codependence problems? Maybe it was her Dad issues. Mom never met a man in the drunk tank she didn’t like.

Kyle Deroy you sad son of a b****! You only just realized now we were the victims of extremely psychotic OCD Parenting? Our family is a manipulation culture. You give them an inch and they take a mile. They exhibit compulsive lying, overly inappropriate attempts at controlling each other & the classic signs of a rape culture. Here is an article of our cousin getting killed by his girlfriend to prove the point.

It all sounds hilarious, but the Psychotic disorder is real! 🙂 Am I still mad at my parents? No not really. I’ve put Matthew Clarke in a Dystopic reality where if he calls the Police on his Psychosis suffering sister. He could be the one charged. I proved he shows an abusive pattern based on Psychotherapy skills I inherited from Special Ed. I’ve taught feminism to other Special Eds & Self-defense to others. I give 0 F*CKS. I mean there is an extremely likely chance I kill myself one day suffering with traumatic flashbacks, but I am trying my hardest not to! 😀 I still love my parents. I just don’t function right at all. I am missing consistency, my motivations for actions are mostly screwing with people & some nights I need to do 1 hour of kickboxing exercises to deal with violent urges.

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