Dear Gary Hall. I am in love with another….

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I had the briefest crush on Gary Hall in High School. I didn’t anticipate him attempting to jump my bone in the middle of an Undue Hardship issue! An issue where Kaylib Drury magically disappeared. No something has been wrong this entire time I have been talking to him.

He is trying to convince me everything boils down to neglect while trying to coax me to meeting in person. I don’t want to do that Gary Hall. You are weird and kind of Gross. The guy on GrindR with the Amish beard this morning had more of a chance than you.

You waited until I was at my lowest point to reveal hidden feelings. Then acted like you were my Special Ed Savior. This where I reveal my true love, my one and only. What I intend to spend the rest of my life with?

Are you ready?

They are a babe!

I am so in love.

Sooooo SEXY, What a babe? 😉

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