This tragedy means, I am done fighting with my family.

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When your family house catches fire? It may be literally time to start apologizing and making amends where you can. Time to rebuild and stop being a self-centered narcissist. Progress is not define by the ability of being able to march on with a maintained cruelty.

I am sorry to Uncle Rick for blocking him out with a God Complex. I am even more Sorry Uncle Rick lost his cat babies in the fire. I am sorry to Grandma Pat for not wanting to see her after I stayed with Kaylib Drury.

Honestly this Covid19 Pandemic has been a tireless breakdown of the entire family’s sanity.

I will do what I can to make repairs where I can. Except with Matthew Clarke….

He needs to take responsibility for hurting someone first in a big way. Once he does that. Then I will be able to make amends with him. His impunity is only for him… It has nothing to do with me! It is a selfish gift he gave himself like me giving myself a God Complex. It isn’t meant to be take away all of our responsibilities & harm. It just gratifies us individually.

I am signing off this blog saying. There is a THC beverage in the fridge I am not rushing to drinking because I am alone & lonely. I think that is how I should be. I should let that sit in.

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