I am nobody’s secret!

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One of the things I have been doing is teaching that psychosis colors my understanding of my family. I wanted to add a fact to this. The fact that my family is a manipulation culture also needs to be factored in to my information releases. It also needs to be factored in to all future relationships & legal engagements.

Yes Psychosis still colors my understanding of things time to time. Unfortunately Kaylib Drury & Casey Lee found this out the hard way. However, I also want to factor in the abuse of a family that lies to someone trying to keep a grip on reality. I am nobody’s secret and this is an abuse!

You have 2 choices with me. 1. You can withhold information. 2. You can give accurate information. I am not responsible for your public boundaries. Let me be very clear here! The secrecy of my treatment as a person with autism was being manipulated by Shane Fraiser in 2011 to hide my sexual abuse! It was then manipulated by Kimberly Hill Richardson to create a quiet home environment without checks & balances for the abuse she put me through! I Yield my time f*** you to my family! I am nobody’s secret and I have a public profile to prove it!

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