3 Misunderstandings people had about my time Homeless.

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Everyone is more likely to think they completely know the steps for me to solve my own problems than they actually do. I am going to shock people with the truth about my homelessness. Maybe if you read this carefully. You will not make the same mistake with another Autistic person in the future?

  1. I am trained on how to self admit psychotic & declare myself leaving a situation of abuse – If you are the one thrown out on the street. You can declare yourself the victim of partner abuse. That is just a cliché. The fact that Kaylib Drury actually did attempt to take control of my mental health without permission only added to this. Without that my claims would of been unsubstantiated. I said to Kaylib Drury and I quote “I do not want to go to the hospital alone.” I still don’t want to do this. I only did it to produce a record of reckless endangerment in Kingston Ontario & log some of my seizures with official hospital visits.
  2. People thought I wasn’t working with Social Workers or attempting to re-house myself- I was actually doing both. Social Workers in Kingston Ontario are F#*$*)# idiots. I think they are overrated overall! Also it is very difficult to re-home yourself as a disabled person on a fixed income. The only reason I was able to re-home myself in 2020 from the Nightmare in Kingston on Victoria street was because I was in a government subsidized work program & I had Kyle DeRoy’s moral assistance. I can both attempt to take care of my own needs and pick up a megaphone to insult/hold my family accountable for their stupid S#*($*#* I have been doing this for a long time!
  3. Being homeless is an experience that instills empathy – It does not! Homelessness is an experience that teaches you to fight! I can now fight at an insane level in any direction needed! Family is supposed to teach empathy. Failing that if you have a family of dimwits and psychotics you may just be s*** out of luck for picking up the proper use of empathy. Most of what people know about homelessness is marketing. I have deep dived in to the life of homeless people since my trip to North Bay in 2018. It is a lot less inspirational than you think.

Sorry I couldn’t give you idiots what you wanted from the experience. Mom might think it might of made me empathetic to what she went through after Kyle DeRoy left her. It did not Mom… You alienated yourself at the time by tormenting everyone around you with your OCD Dictatorship. Other people may of thought it would make me independent or more reliant on Public Services. To that I say no… I am Interdependent and I think our Public & Social Services are a joke for Disabled people who suffered Child abuse. Mostly all they do is teach us to suffer in silence. Something that I will never do!

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