Letters for sanity

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These are being written to the expense of everyone else’s impunity. I was never granted my own impunity. So why should they be granted their impunity? It is pathetic that I was never allowed to fight back. Like the autism aware fighting back is somehow the end of the world. Let’s see why they all thought that way. My truths are in their lies by omission.

When Tracy Carpenter told me to do this? She told me to throw out the letters after I was done. Well F**** that ! Not all anger has it’s place in the trash bin. I am still being isolated from most of my family. They are still blaming me or taking space against their own best interest. Well it is a Union of Websites for a reason. If you don’t play fair with me. I will pick up my megaphone and speak up about our crap.

You need to look in to your drug addiction more critically as well bro.
I don’t have much more to say to Matthew Clarke than this. I have declared harms against you. The Police have determined we are better of just giving each other space. I am inclined to agree. Matthew Clarke triggers Psychotic disorders on a consistent basis. He also falls for every single chance to confront me on behalf of his mother. Just look out after yourself doofus because well you aren’t allowed to contact me.

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