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Ashton Deroy is a digital marketer and a cloud services support person. In 2016 Ashton Deroy began his quest to become a more well-rounded intellectual person by attending Seneca College. Having been to college two times prior and achieved accreditation his only hope this time was to finally grow up. Through this College Ashton Deroy became the kind of person who understands algebra, reads political and social science books. Then finally became the kind of person truly empowered by written word and involvement.

In 2016 Ashton Deroy supported the Windstream client at Teleperformance in the tech support role. In 2017 Ashton Deroy supported individual clients with website services, customer service, and sales promotion. Ashton Deroy has taken the role as a mentor in Digital marketing and promotions aiding the development of Nicole & Diana. As well as consulting with his peers for free on their own individual pursuits of WordPress.

In 2018 Ashton Deroy’s goal to work for a financial or cloud services company from the customer service side. Ashton Deroy is skilled in both telephone and social media customer service. In April 2018 Ashton Deroy will be dedicating his services to canvassing for the Liberal Party of Ontario to aide in winning the 2018 provincial election. This job includes contacting potential voters, then creating database updates input through his phone. This is to aid in getting Liberal Party firmly supported on the election day on June 7th to ultimately defeat Doug Ford’s quest for the premiere. 

“This year I had to get more involved because I did pay close attention to the Ford Nation story. Anything that I can do right now just to help get my team to the booths June 7th is too little. We must guarentee the defeat of a man who opposes sex education, government regulated safe purchasing cannabis shops & affordable childcare. Talking politics with strangers is scary that I can not denied but it is also important.”

Ashton Deroy

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