Ashton Deroy Resume 4 19 2018

Hello Reader, 

The resume is a sample of me but it does not tell my story. This is why I always attach a cover letter to every application. I am Ashton Deroy, I probably made my first sales pitch when I was 9 years old and I have been an extrovert ever since. The most important parts of any business are not the website, the brand or even the pretend story you see in ads.

The most important parts are simple, selling, retaining and upselling. These are the aspects that are going to keep a company generating a profit in now what is an unstable economy. The best companies are not the ones who create a quality logo or have $10,000 in their web marketing budgets. They are the companies that adapt to their customers, not the economy. 

A business at the end of the day is a network of relationships that amount to financial success long term. That is why I always say to new entrepreneurs, “how the heck are you your own boss?” I have always found that concept to be one of ignorance and silliness. Whether you are a CEO, a small business owner or Donald Trump. Your boss is always the person who controls the stakes. 

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